Friday, March 16, 2012

Xtreme Lash eyelash extensions

I also should add I redeemed a groupon today I got last year for a full set of individual eyelash extensions. I got the "diva lash" which is the fullest set at up to 120 lashes per eye. It retails for $325.  I do believe my groupon was only $100 and included this initial set and one free fill (retailing at $65-$75). I've had these lashes done before and LOVED them but they are costly to up keep. They are worth it especially for me. My eyelashes are white like my eyebrows, so if I run out of the house at the least I have to fill my brows in and put mascara on.  Here are my results that I could pee over a little.

This picture is without mascara to blend my naturally white lashes in with the black extensions so when I do fix them all up it'll just make me thrilled.  The gal was really nice about it. My next fill is part of my groupon but I mentioned to her I'd be out of town until the 18th. She's booked until April 2nd and said she'd fill them in however much I needed due to scheduling. The process took about 2-3 hours and I slept through almost all of it. I'm pretty sure I snored, though at one point it started storming and I believe some thunder made me jump.

I can't say enough about how great this is if you can budget it as a little self treat. The initial fill is a hefty price but if you keep up with it, it manages out to be the same over time as doing a pedi or nail fill considering most folks go twice a month.  I remember the first time I had them done they try to sell you this up keep stuff like gentle eye cleanser spray or a special mascara so it doesn't loosen the adhesive. Luckily I still have some cleaner and the gal didn't try to sell me on anything additional. I'm pretty sure there's a cheaper alternative. As far as mascara I don't recall any impacting time they lasted.  My prior ones hung on for almost two months before they started becoming terribly sparse.